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plaize is a small marketing and creative agency based in Tokyo specialized in gaming and entertainment founded in 2014 by Ulara Nishitani with the passion to develop and create a place where passion and talents shine.

We have been contributing the local gaming, business and esports scene with unique staff members. Our staff includes of former professional gamers, influencers, industry veterans, resulting in a passionate creative team with a deep understanding of how to work together with the community and who are up to date with the latest trend of the scene.

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第4章 eスポーツチームを経営するということ 【全文無料公開】 #1億3000万人のためのeスポーツ入門


「eスポーツの錦織圭」プロチーム・Rush Gamingが狙う先

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ラフォーレで週150万円売る eスポーツチーム・Rushの集客力

Our works


Videographies / Editorials / team management for Rush Gaming

Event production for ZONe 

WARZONE event production

Event production / Photo / Videography for Sennheiser & Rush Gaming

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If you are interested in our services, please contact us via email

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西谷 麗 Ulara Nishitani

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